Thursday, February 24, 2011

Budget Cutting Consequences

Essential services, or some extra cash for the rich folks......your choice!

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Two children died in a fire in Philadelphia on Tuesday - and budget cuts could be to blame
Two children died in a fire in Philadelphia on Tuesday - and budget cuts could be to blame. In an effort to cut spending - the city of Philadelphia "browned out" - or closed some of it's fire stations for a day. One of those fire stations that were closed was Engine 61 - and it just so happened to be the nearest company to the fire that killed those two children - and thus would have been first on the scene. As local firefighter Mike Cane said, "Whether...that company was in service, they would have made a difference?
Nobody can answer that...what we can say is, maybe if they were there...Maybe them kids would have had a shot." These are the real-life consequences of budget cutting.
It's time we roll back the Reagan tax cuts instead of rolling back critical funding for firefighters who keep our communities safe. The purpose of a budget is not to give tax breaks to the rich in order to screw over everyone else.
(How far back would you roll taxes? Tell us here.)

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