Sunday, June 10, 2007

"There is No God Higher Than Truth," Mahatma Gandhi said.

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There is No God Higher Than Truth

A perfect message for the Democratic members of Congress who would pander to the "faith industry," rather than taking principled action against the illegal actions of the Bush Administration.

"There is No God Higher Than Truth," Mahatma Gandhi said.

Were it only so in the United States today.

Instead, we have an executive branch that gives opportunistic lip service to a "God," while reveling in dishonesty, deception and lies.

And the Democrats in Congress are too timid to assert that truth and the rule of law are the "kings" of America, not a politcally crass appeal to the "God Squad."

Gandhi is the model of the power of one.

He belies the notion that to advocate for peace is to negotiate from weakness.

After all, he defeated an empire.

The power of one was able to peacefully move multitudes
Gandhi based his movement on the notion that truth and justice would triumph over the brutal assertion of imperial power.

And he succeeded.
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