Friday, September 08, 2006

John Kerry's major speech in Boston

I saw John Kerry catch and throw back quite a few "hardballs" on Chris Mathews the other night. Hope he and other Democratic politicans keep it up. We need nothing but strength of conviction in the upcoming battles of this war!

The topic of this email -- and the subject of a major speech I will deliver in Boston's Faneuil Hall tomorrow -- is national security.

If you think I'm planning to alert people to Republican pre-election fear-mongering on this vitally important issue, you're only half right.

Of course, we need to reject the Republicans' idea that a "debate" on national security involves them demanding another book of blank checks for policies that don't work. And, needless to say, we can't tolerate them smearing any Democrat who stands up to their miserable record of failure.

I will be campaigning for Democrats all across the country this fall. And, everywhere I go, I will talk about the Bush national security disaster and the need to change course in Iraq. They don't want Americans to remember that Osama bin Laden is still on the loose, the Taliban is gaining strength in Afghanistan, Iran is closer to nuclear weapons, and the mess in Iraq has become a recruitment poster for terror. There is no way to overstate how Iraq has damaged our efforts to actually fight global terror. It has overstretched our military, divided and pushed away our allies, and diminished our moral authority in the world.

But, here's the other half of the story. As Democrats, we have to do more than oppose what has failed. We have to actively propose a new course that can clean up the disaster in Iraq, and defeat jihadist terrorism once and for all.

We must offer the American people the kind of real national security debate they deserve -- and that the Republican Party, top to bottom, would deny them.

Tomorrow I will share my ideas on how we can do just that, achieving a more secure future for America. If you'd like to receive an emailed copy of this important address after it's delivered, please sign up here.


I look forward to working side-by-side with you on this critical issue in the weeks ahead.


John Kerry

P.S. Remember, we'd be glad to email you the speech after it's delivered. And we'll also be posting it on our website at I hope you'll read it yourself and share it as widely as possible.
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