Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Swill Is Gone

Government regulation? How awful! We should never mess with the business of business! The system will alway correct itself without our intervention! Government is the problem, not the solution! Click on the nytimes article to read more.

The Swill Is Gone

THE milk was marketed as pure and wholesome, and it looked fine to the naked eye. How were the mothers to know they were poisoning their babies? They had paid good money for it on the open market. It would take thousands of sick children before lawmakers did anything to stop it.

China in 2008? No, New York City in 1858. Missing from the coverage of the current Chinese baby formula poisoning, in which more than 53,000 babies have been sickened and at least four have died, is how often it has happened before.

But the greater part was swill milk, a filthy, bluish substance milked from cows
tied up in crowded stables adjoining city distilleries and fed the hot alcoholic
mash left from making whiskey. This too was doctored — with plaster of Paris to
take away the blueness, starch and eggs to thicken it and molasses to give it
the buttercup hue of honest Orange County milk. This newspaper attributed the
deaths of up to 8,000 children a year to this vile fluid.
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