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Arrogance abroad; Arrogance at home

Arrogance abroad; arrogance at home

Friday April 8, 2009 By Jene Galvin
Republican leaders seem to have embraced a theme for George Bush's second term: arrogance.
By nominating John Bolton for ambassador to the United Nations, someone known by the world to abhor the U.N., President Bush is continuing to flaunt a "my way or highway" approach to foreign policy. One that says, who cares about the views of world leaders? Although Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee may have the votes to block Bolton's confirmation. We'll talk about it.
Then yesterday, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay escalated his attack on America's judicial branch by telling a conservative advocacy group that it's time to "reassert our constitutional authority over the courts." All because, in his view, too few judges are reshaping the country into a theocracy.
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